Real Estate, Land Use, Permitting and Zoning

Of course we can handle Real Estate transactions, that’s a normal part of any lawyer’s work who works in the real estate field. There are specialists who deal with real estate purchase and sale every day, but at Zisson and Veara you will find us able to deal with many more issues. For example we can help with Landlord and Tenant disputes. Is there a problem with a tenant at your property which you don’t seem to be able to solve. Give us a call and discuss the issue. The first consultation is usually free, and we will listen and help you find a way out of what sometimes seems like an impossible situation.

Are you looking to buy or do you own a piece of property and your plans for it are not permitted by the current land use designated for the property? Or you don’t know what you can and cannot do? Give us a call, we understand these local laws which can be quite confusing, with the Cape Cod Commission, The Old Kings Highway and so on. We have been down this road before (pun intended) and we can research the situation and help you and advise you appropriately. Often if there is a way to show that your plans will benefit the community we can obtain a variance to allow you to make a success of your venture, or if the intention of the restriction of land use doesn’t seem to apply to what you have in mind, we can help to make things work out.

Sometimes Land Use disputes can be related to Health concerns, such as ground water pollution or building standards. If you run into this kind of issue, or you have a complaint to bring against the town or some other land owner related to their use of abutting land, for example, please give us a call and we will help you understand what rights you may have to move to a resolution or bring the case to court.

Easements are another area where we have some experience. If you’re prevented from using your property because you do not have access to the road, or water or other utilities, we can sometimes work with your neighbors to reach a legal agreement allowing you access to the facilities you need. Or do you dispute an easement that was granted perhaps by a previous owner of the property or there is one that is being misused and causing you problems. Once again, please call to discuss, we will listen to your case and advise you appropriately.