Family Law

Our firm has many years of combined experience representing clients in family law.  We recognize divorce and separation are stressful to the parties and their families and we pride ourselves on our ability to advise and carry out the necessary legal processes in a completely professional manner while at the same time recognizing the disruption to our clients lives and the emotional disturbances that can cause. Foremost is the requirement to protect the interest of our client.

With Divorce and Separation, frequently comes the need to negotiate Child Custody, Visitation Rights and Child Support. There are some well established guidelines in this area which naturally put the emphasis on the best thing to do for the children. But in many cases, by collecting and presenting the correct financial information at the appropriate time we can improve the situation for everyone involved.

Alimony is often something that’s best negotiated and we have plenty of experience. However, in the event that an agreement cannot be reached, the Courts will decide, and we are familiar with all the procedures, documentation required, and how best to present your case for the most favorable outcome.

Domestic Abuse and Restraining Orders are another legal area which frequently comes up in Family Law. Where one party can show that they are threatened by the other, or are in fear of domestic violence, in the new living arrangements we need to make sure that the perpetrator is kept away for the safety of the victim. We can get a Restraining Order issued through the Court, and then the local police can get involved and enforce it, providing the necessary protection.

Other areas of Family Law we have experience in are Paternity cases, as well as setting up Guardianships for children who cannot be with their parents so that they can remain legally with a family member or family friend.

We can advise about Prenuptial Agreements too. These protect the individual wealth of each spouse in the event that the marriage dissolves. Its a tricky area because these agreements are often challenged down the road and a detailed knowledge of the legal precedence is important.

In most cases your initial consultation with us would be free, while you get a chance to learn about us, and we can understand about you and what your needs are. So please feel free to give us a call or drop us a line by visiting our Contact Page. We would be glad to hear from you.