Civil Litigation

At Zisson and Veara we have several attorneys with plenty of experience in a wide range of civil litigation cases. If you have a dispute with a neighbor, an employee, your builder, or someone else you do business with, its always a good idea to take legal advice. Please give us a call and let us know what’s going on. We will treat your case with 100% professionalism and listen to all the details of your problem. Usually the initial consultation is free, and if we think you have a case, or you want us to simply help to present your point of view in a professional and business like manner we can help! A professional communication from the legal profession with the positions clearly stated can often move to resolve things immediately. If however we find it necessary to bring this issue before a judge for resolution, you can rely on us to present your case thoroughly and work with you to achieve the best outcome. All conversations and communications are of course held completely confidential. We can help you to deal with the press where appropriate, and control communication with all parties to keep the case on course.

Among other things we can work with you to seek financial compensation when you a victim of negligent behavior on the part of a contractor or supplier, and look into other ways you can accuse your supplier or your customer of not carrying out their side of a business deal correctly. Again, lets hear your side of the story, and we can work to get you what you deserve.

We are experienced in employment disputes too. There are a myriad of federal, state and local laws around employment, many of which are setup to protect the employee, and we have experience fighting those where an employee’s bad behavior costs the company money. But we can see the situation from the other side too. Were you dismissed from your employment without cause? We can look into what rights you have to seek compensation.

Probate law is another area where we have plenty of experience. Essentially a deal of financial paperwork needs to be prepared and submitted before the property of someone recently deceased can be released to the beneficiaries. This can take time, so please contact us and we can advise you what to expect. If there is a will and everything is well organized the process can be very straightforward, and simply a matter of submitting the paperwork and waiting for probate to be released. But things can get complicated sometimes, especially if there is no will, or the will is contested. Please let us know what you are dealing with and we can try to straighten things out.

Does someone owe you money? When you have failed to collect please let us get involved and help you. We will be able to find out what your rights are and help you to enforce them, in whatever way we can. Don’t worry there is usually a way to get at least some of your money back, and the courts are there to help you too, if it comes to that, and we will be able to help you there too.